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Whether you need billiards chalk, billiards cone chalk, or hand talc, we have exactly what you need. Silver Cup Billiards Chalk, our preffered chalk, is available in a wide variety of colors to match your pool table felt.

Silver Cup Cone billiards chalk
This is used to reduce the friction between your bridge hand and the cue shaft caused by perspiration. Simply rub your hand on the chalk to apply. Silver Cup makes the best cone chalk in the world. Unlike inferior chalks, Silver Cup will not easily break, ending up wasted on the floor in a big mess. This is one individual cone.

Silver Cup Billiards Chalk, Blue, 12 Piece Box
Silver Cup Chalk is, in our opinion, the best chalk on the market today. Although not as popular as Master, it is only a matter of time before people realize they can get a better billiards chalk for less money! It is made in Macon, Georgia by some of the finest people you will ever meet. We suggest matching your billiards chalk color to your cloth color to keep it looking cleaner longer.

12 piece box of blue Master chalk.
Master billiards chalk is the most popular chalk on the market. Made by Tweeten Fibre of Chicago, Master chalk coats pool cue tips smoothly and evenly. Master chalk will not cake or flake like inferior imported billiards chalk.


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