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Sardo Tight Pool Ball Rack
The Sardo Tight Rack is designed to quickly, easily, and consistently rack the balls perfectly and fairly each time. It comes with an easy to use template for marking placement dots on cloth. This will ensure the rack is squared and centered each and every time.

Simply align the pointers on rear of rack with two dots on cloth surface. The Sardo Tight Rack has never been easier to use. Simply put the balls in the Rack as directed, one quick downward motion and you have the tightest rack possible every time.

Sardo Tight Pool Ball Rack Customer Comments:
The Sardo Tight Rack works great and can set up on any table in just a few minutes. Used it in APA tournament with absolutely wonderful results. Everybody wants to get one. This is a great product. It was well worth waiting for! - Jim "Coach" Bernard;

This is an excellent product that lives up to its billing. I have stored my old rack and am using the Sardo Tight Rack exclusively on my home table. --Len Pederson;

The Sardo Tight Rack is even better than I had hoped it would be. I can't wait for all of my friends to see and use it. This is really exciting. I love it. - Frank Ceraldi;
I am thrilled with the Sardo Tight Rack. It was easy to set up and I have been using it every day. It was well worth the wait. Matt Matrisciani;

The Sardo Tight Rack looks great. Can't wait to show it off to all of my friends. - Eric Ohwa

We offer triangles of all kinds! Do you need to replace your old ball rack with a new one that matches your table? We have it!

We also offer a wide variety of designer racks, such as brass racks and translucent colored racks to dress up your game room.

We also have the Sardo Tight Rack! This rack ensures a consistently tight and fair rack every time.

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