Pool Cue Cases

Pool cue cases
Pool cue cases

Get the perfect cue case for your pool cue! We offer about a hundred styles. A pool cue case is a MUST. Protect that cue investment! All of our cases will lend some protection to your cue, some better than others.

Price, when taking into acccount the effects of materials and styling, is a fair indicator of the protection the pool cue case will give your cue. Above all, it is more important to choose to buy a case than which case you choose. "Sterling" pool cue cases offer the highest quality case for the money.

With economical lightweight cases, smart popular hard pool cue cases, the classic look of the traditional box case, and the creme-de-la-creme deluxe hard case, Sterling has something to offer to every pool player. "Instroke" pool cue cases are considered by most serious players to be the ultimate in cases. Their styling has been copied by dozens of other manufacturers, but their quality hasn't been touched as far as we have seen.

Go to a big billiard tournament and you will note that there are more Instrokes around than any other pool cue cases. They are pricy (about $100 to $500), but worth it. If you want a truly unique case, look at the Instroke Limited cue cases. Instroke limiteds are made from special styles of leathers, where there was only enough leather to make a few cases. These are definitely the coolest, but are VERY limited in availability.


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