Pool Cue Cleaners

Pool cue cleaners
Pool cue cleaners

He have shaft slickers, talc bags, leather burnishing liquid, and all the pool cue cleaners you need. Check out the complete "Q" system that is ideal for keeping your pool cue shaft in top-notch shape.

Q Smooth
Q Smooth is the world's most popular cue shaft burnisher pool cue cleaner and smoother. It improves your stroke by giving your cue shaft an incredibly smooth finish. Q Smooth fits in your wallet, pocket, or cue case. Each packet of Q Smooth includes 14 fingertip slips of technically-advanced micro-fine ceramic beads firmly bonded on quality 3 mil polyester film: 2 white (medium-fine) slips, used for smoothing rough or hardwood shafts; 4 blue (fine) slips, used for smoothing normal cue shafts; 4 green (very fine) slips for burnishing the shaft; and 4 yellow (micro-fine) slips for giving your shaft its final polish. Q Smooth will not scratch or damage cue shafts. They are washable and reusable, and are quick and easy to use, even during tournament play. Advanced System For Smoothing And Conditioning Shafts. These 4 'slips' of microabrasives are used in succession to smooth your shaft to a like-new condition. When used as directed, this system will produce a surface finish so smooth and shiny, you'll have to see and feel it to believe it.

Cuetec Hi-Tech Cue Conditioner
Cuetec Hi-Tech will eliminate sticky shafts and maintain your wood cue like new with an ultra-smooth, beautiful finish. For graphite, fiberglass, and composite cues, it is the only product that is both safe and effective. Eliminate damage to your expensive wood cue from constant sanding. Cuetec Hi-Tech cleans shafts in seconds, doesn't attract dirt or dust, protects shafts from chalk penetration, and cleans cue wraps. Cuetec Hi-Tech is endorsed and recommended by world champion Earl Strickland.

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