Pool Cue Holders

Pool cue holders

How many times have you leaned a pool cue against a spectator chair or a pub table, only to see it slide off and crash to the ground? It is one thing if you're playing with a house cue, quite another if you are using a top-of-the line Fury!

We offer pool cue holders that mount on tables or chair arms, keeping your cue steady and secure. These are a must-have for pool players that play outside the home, and should be considered by everyone else.

Don't let a few dollars keep you from protecting your pool cue investment!

Cue Dude
The Cue Dude is a portable cue stick caddy. It converts any table into a cue stick rack. Made of soft rubber, the Cue Dude will not harm the table or your cue. How many times have you leaned your cue against a table or wall, only to see it slide and fall to the ground? The Cue Dude won't let that happen again.

Porper 4 Cue Clamp Holder

The Porper cue clamp is a great item for all pool players to have. The cue holder swivels and locks into place, so you can clamp it onto just about anything. It is made of a heavy-duty black ABS industrial plastic. The clips are made of soft rubber with no sharp edges that will scratch your cue. This holder will safely keep 4 pool cues out of harm’s way.


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