Pool Cue Tip Tools

Pool cue tip tool

Pool cue tip tool

A pool cue with a poorly maintained tip will be your worst enemy. You MUST keep your tip groomed to maximize playability.

For instance, keeping it porous with a pick or a scuffer will help it to retain chalk, reducing miscues. If the edges of the cue tip mushroom, you will not be able to accurately apply English.

If you are retipping a cue, many of these tools will make the job a lot easier. Joe Porper makes a large number of cue tip tools, and we have them all! From the Cue Cube to the Tip Pik to the Ultimate Tip Tool, we have you covered.

Cue Tip SuperTool
Our very best multi-function tip tool! The Cue Tip SuperTool features a tip trimmer, tip burnisher, tip dimpler, and two tip shapers. It is made from durable solid brass. Its attractive design is complemented with a stylish leather case. The SuperTool comes packaged in a decorative foam-lined gift box. This all-in-one tip tool is all a player needs!

9 Inch Tip Sander
This tip sander is used to shape and scuff tips. A piece of sandpaper is encased in an extruded plastic channel, allowing you to easily control the shaping and scuffing. It is available in your choice of lengths.

Cue Top Sander
This tool is used when retipping your cue. Once you have removed the old tip, the cue top sander clamps onto your shaft and allows you to perfectly sand off the residual leather and glue, properly preparing the ferrule for the new tip. This is an important step for a quality tip replacement.

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