Pool Cue Tips

Pool cue tips
Pool cue tips

We offer a large variety of pool cue tips! If your old tip has worn out, hardened, not performing like it used to, or simply fallen off, you have come to the right place!

We have traditional quality tips like Elk Master and Le Professionel (Le Pro), newer performance tips like the Sniper from Tiger Products, and some great Sterling pool cue tips that we believe are just as good, if not better, than Moori cue tips! Are you looking for a layered tip?

Be sure to look at the Sterling Ultra 11 layer tips. We also offer all the tools you need for cue tip repair, as well as handy general billiard repair kits.

Triangle Tips, 13mm
Triangle Cue Tips from Tweeten Fibre are a thick, firm tip crafted from a special chrome tanned leather. Triangle tips have a coarse grain and are recognized as a hard cue tip.

Le Professionel (Le Pro) Tips 14mm
Le Professionel ("Le Pro") tips are an industry favorite, crafted from vegetable-tanned oak leather. The tip has a special protective coating to seal and preserve the leather until the cue is ready to play. Le Pro tips are "French style" cue tips, made in the USA by Tweeten Fibre. Le Pro tips come standard on many lines of pool cues, including Predator, Fury, and Viking.

Sterling Layered Cue Tips, 13mm
These layered leather cue tips do a much better job of gripping the cue ball than ordinary tips. These tips will not mushroom, as non-layered tips will. Each tip has between 9 and 13 layers of specially-tanned pigskin. This nice storage box snaps shut,they are medium-hard.

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