Blaze Pool Cues
Blaze Pool Cues

Cuetec pool cues
Cuetec Pool Cues

Blaze pool cues are generally designed with a cutting-edge look. They are a great quality cue, especially for the price! The designs are hot, the inlays are real, the shafts are near perfect, and the hit is superb.

Be sure to check out the VR-1, which is such a great seller we can't hardly keep it in stock! The VR-5 is one of the best looking cues in its price range, and is quite a bargain.

Cuetec pool cues are a departure from the norm. They are the only pool cues that are made using a great deal of synthetics. For instance, the wooden shafts are overlaid with a thin layer of fiberglass or graphite, which helps protect the shaft from warping or getting dinged. Cuetec cues do not feature true inlays.

All of the decorative features are done with decals and paint. Cuetecs are a good amateur-level cue, and are very popular.

Falcon pool cues
Falcon Pool Cues
Predator pool cues
Predator Pool Cues

Falcon pool cues are some of the best pool cues available. Made in Canada, where they certainly know good wood when they see it, Falcons are always produced to very high quality standards. In fact, Falcons are so well made that Predator chose them as the supplier for many of their pool cue butts. Karen Corr, the top-ranked female player in the world, is a long-time Falcon player.

Falcons feature true inlays (no decals!) and exotic woods, and are some of the most attractive cuesticks you will see. Be sure to look at all of the Falcon lines we have available. There are dozens and dozens of pool cues to choose from!

Predator is known for their advanced-technology shaft, engineered to reduce cue ball deflection. Like Fury, a large number of professional players are using Predator technology to improve their game.

We have all the latest Predator pool cues, as well as Predator shafts that will fit your existing pool cue to upgrade its playability. We also have some rare, limited production Predator pool cues in stock. If you want a performance cue, or want to upgrade your current cue, consider Predator!

Viking pool cues
Viking Pool Cues
Sterling pool cues
Sterling Pool Cues
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