Pool Table Cleaners

Pool table cleaners
Pool table cleaners

Keeping your pool table clean not only makes it look better, but it preserves the life of the cloth. We have a variety of nylon and horsehair brushes for both the pool table bed and underneath the rails.

Make sure to look at David Hodges' Quick-Clean, which is a spray-on, wipe-off cleaner that outperforms brushes by a long shot. Quick-Clean actually removes the chalk from the table, keeping it from wearing out your pool table cloth prematurely.

David Hodges Quick Clean Pool Table Cleaner
Quick-Clean is a remarkable product. It is used primarily to clean pool table cloth, but also works well on cue wraps. Think about this: How do pool table brushes remove the chalk from the table? Answer: They don’t. They just move the chalk around, and push it to the underside of the cloth. Chalk is silica sand, which is an abrasive. Just think of the grains of chalk cutting away at your cloth as it is squeezed between a billiard ball and the slate. Quick-Clean REMOVES the chalk from the table. Simply mist the pool table cleaner cloth with Quick-Clean, and watch as the foam raises the chalk right to the top! Wipe it off with a clean rag and you are ready to play. It doesn’t even dampen the cloth! Quick-Clean is being used at most major tournaments, where they want to extend the life of their expensive Simonis cloth. Shouldn’t you protect your cloth, too?


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