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Pool videos
Pool videos

Take your pool game to a higher level! Are you a beginner? A pro? Regardless of your pool playing level, we have books, pool videos, DVDs, computer CD-ROMs, and audio tapes on a variety of subjects.

Some of our books are actually novels, while others are intended to instruct you on the steps you need to take to become a more competitive player. Some of our favorites are The Complete Idiot's Guide to Pool and Billiards (for the novice player), Capelle on Nine

Ball (for the aspiring pro), and Inside Pool magazine, great for everyone! Also check out the Artistic Pool Manual and Trick Shot Templates, two great CD's for your computer. The Pool Hustler's Handbook is another great book, showing you fifty great ways to never have to pay for a drink again.

How to Master Pocket Billiards (Video)
Fast Eddie Parker has prepared you a feast: 21/2 hours of instruction on a single video, from the rawest basics, including history of the game and equipment, to the most highfaIutin advanced stuff he knows It's far more than sheer volume of material, however, that makes Parker's work so admirable. To begin with, you feel like learning from the man just about instantly.

Mike Massey's Trick Shots Pool Video, Volume 1
Learn World Trick Shot Champion Mike Massey’s secrets! Mike will show you how to set up and execute 26 of his favorite trick shots, everything from the “14 Balls in One”, to the “Jessie Cue” shot.

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